General Surgery

General Surgery is a branch of science dealing with surgical diseases of the organs in the abdominal cavity, breast and thyroid gland. Surgical Oncology, on the other hand, deals with cancers belonging to the same organs. In our hospital, in addition to General Surgery operations, surgical oncology diseases such as breast, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, pancreas, gall bladder, liver, thyroid gland cancers are successfully treated.

The Breast and Endocrine Surgery Unit, which is within the body of the department, provides service to advanced patients from both the province and foreign provinces with its experienced faculty members who bring its name to the forefront not only in Turkey but also in the world. Again, this unit provides services that make a difference in diagnosis, treatment and follow-up by making multidisciplinary decisions on the treatment of diseases with breast and endocrine councils in accordance with international standards.

Another subject within the scope of General Surgery; abdominal wall, inguinal, umbilical hernias and post-operative hernias. Hernia surgeries performed in our hospital are performed using the latest techniques and materials of hernia surgery in the world.

Our hospital; It provides 24-hour service with its experienced team of experts in emergency surgery and all kinds of internal emergencies, where minutes are worth gold, such as traffic accidents, stabbing, shooting.

Obesity and Metabolism Surgery Unit within our General Surgery clinic, adopting the multidisciplinary approach as its principle in this field, which has gained popularity recently, all kinds of obesity surgeries are performed using the latest technologies in accordance with international indication criterias. Intragastric balloon application, which is one of the non-surgical methods of fighting obesity, has been offering alternatives for many years. In the field of diabetes surgery, which is also one of the popular topics of today, the most appropriate techniques are determined for the patients and advanced surgical methods are applied.

With the supply of all laparoscopic surgical equipment, which is used with the advantages of today's technology, and the completion of the infrastructure, all internationally accepted and recommended surgeries are performed laparoscopically (closed method) within the General Surgery Department of Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine today. Laparoscopic methods are primarily used if there is no obstacle in esophageal, stomach, small intestine, colon, rectum cancers, gastric hernia, inguinal hernia, surgical site hernia, spleen, gall bladder surgeries. Apart from this, all kinds of endoscopic diagnosis, treatment and follow-up can be made with modern devices within the body of the Surgical Endoscopy Unit.

With the Medical Visual Documentation Unit established in Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine in 2021, it provides academic services in the field of medical photography and videography, breaking new ground in our country. By organizing trainings on the subject, academic publications and book chapters are written.

The Department of General Surgery not only provides advanced healthcare services to patients, but also provides training for medical faculty students, general surgery assistants and specialists. With its highly experienced staff in high-level and advanced surgical techniques, advanced academic training is given to physicians from Turkey or abroad. In addition, it represents our country in a superior way both in national and international platforms by contributing to the academic literature with its clinical, experimental and laboratory studies.

Sayfa Başı


Academic Staff:

Professor.Dr. Zafer UTKAN (Head of the Department)

Professor.Dr. Nuh Zafer CANTÜRK

Professor.Dr. Anıl ÇUBUKÇU

Professor.Dr. Erdem OKAY

Associate Professor. Dr. Oğuzhan BÜYÜKGEBİZ

Associate Professor. Dr. Turgay ŞİMŞEK

Asst.Professor.Dr. Oktay YİRMİBEŞOĞLU

Asst.Professor.Dr. Sertaç Ata GÜLER

Asst.Professor.Dr. Enes ŞAHİN

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