Medical Biochemistry

Since 2016, The Department of Biochemistry, in which Prof. Dr. Hale Maral Kır is the head of the department, still provides services with 2 professors, 1 associate professor, 1 assistant professor, 2 research assistant doctors with biochemistry courses, student practices, graduate education and molecular studies on various subjects.

Routine and emergency biochemistry laboratory services are offered to patients since the day they started to serve. Routine and emergency biochemistry tests, coagulation tests, hormone, vitamin, drug levels, routine urine etc. tests are underway. In addition to our own projects in our department laboratory, we also contribute to the research and thesis studies of our faculty and other departments of our university.


Department of Medical Biochemistry was established in 1995-1996 within the body of Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine. In this period, the Department of Biochemistry was established with two faculty members, 1st and 2nd year biochemistry courses and practices were given by the department, and it started postgraduate and specialization education with five graduate and one specialization students.

Vision - Mission;

Its purpose since its establishment;

  • Taking into account the needs of our country and region, to conduct research that contributes to science at a universal level with postgraduate and specialist students,

  • To provide physicians and specialist candidates with modern laboratory skills as well as contemporary theoretical knowledge,

  • To train students and assistants in order to train good physicians in the light of contemporary scientific developments,

  • To provide laboratory services required for diagnosis and treatment.

  • To be a nationally and internationally recognized and preferred department in the field of Medical Biochemistry.


Our department provides theoretical and practical training on Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry at undergraduate and postgraduate level to the students of the Institute of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Health Sciences.

In the 2021-2022 academic year, postgraduate education continues to be given to 3 master's and 2 doctoral students under the Health Sciences Institute.

To date, 2 doctorate, 8 master's and 12 specialization theses have been completed in the department. Pre- and post-graduate education programs continue in the department. On the other hand, there are various completed and ongoing projects. Most of these studies have been published in national and international journals.

Research Opportunities:

Our department conducts studies on the theses of the graduate students of the Institute of Health Sciences and the scientific projects of the assistants and faculty members.

The scientific data obtained from the scientific projects carried out in the interest of our department are presented orally or as posters in national/international congresses and the data obtained are published in the relevant journals as articles.

In multidisciplinary cooperation with other departments/sciences, many research projects are carried out and new projects are created both in our laboratory and in various laboratories (Central Lab, KABI, etc.) within our faculty and university.

Research Topics:

Both human and animal studies are conducted at the level of body fluids and tissue. In these studies, oxidative stress, nitric oxide, tumor markers, tissue markers and other subjects are studied in both healthy and pathological conditions.


Academic Staff:

Professor.Dr. Meltem Özlen DİLLİOĞLUGİL  (Head of the Department)

Professor.Dr. Hale MARAL KIR

Associate Professor. Dr.Fatma Ceyla ERALDEMİR

Asst.Professor.Dr. Berrin ÖZTAŞ

Sayfa Başı


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