Department Of Psychiatry

Faculty Members and Interest Areas:

Prof. Mustafa YILDIZ, M.D. (Psychotic Disorders, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies)

Prof. Aslıhan POLAT IŞIK, M.D. (Mood Disorders, Women's Mental Health, Gender Identity Disorders, Psychotherapies, Psychiatric Epidemiology)

Prof. Cem CERİT, M.D. (Anxiety Disorders, Sexual Dysfunctions, Biological Treatments, Cognitive Behavioral Treatments)

Assoc. Prof. Elif TATLIDİL YAYLACI, M.D. (Schizophrenia, Affective Disorders, Sexual Dysfunctions, Eating Disorders, CLP, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies)

Asst. Prof. Bahadır GENİŞ, M.D. (Addictions, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Sleep Disorders)

Mission and Vision:

The Department of Psychiatry provides an example of teamwork with faculty members, residents, psychologists, nurses, social workers, and auxiliary staff. It considers the main areas of its work as treatment, education,and research.

Our department considers it as its primary duty to help patients and their relatives who have mental problems and seek help, to solve their problems, to treat diseases with effective methods, to reduce the destructive effects of serious mental illnesses, and to provide preventive mental health services.

The mission is to learn innovations, put new knowledge into practice, conduct research and participate in scientific activities to increase the knowledge and etiquette level of its team while taking advantage of traditional medical practices in the field of treatment and education.

It considers students to be doctors of the future and applies scientific methods of education and training to equip them with sufficient knowledge and skills.

Outpatient Clinics:

Sevenoutpatient clinics, one of which is the Board of Health, are on the ground floor of the KOU Medical Faculty Hospital Polyclinics building and in the old İREM building in Yahyakaptan, İzmit. Each outpatient clinic has a responsible faculty member. The units work in general psychiatry, thought and perception disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, CLP, somatization and dissociation, sexual dysfunctions, and addiction. In addition to these face-to-face services, there is also an online treatment unit that became operational after the pandemic. In each unit, a resident, and a senior medical student work under the supervision of the responsible faculty member. The average working time of the resident in the outpatient clinic is 20 months.

There are also two psychologists in the outpatient clinic for psychological tests and support. Psychological tests and psychotherapies of the patients are carried out with the evaluation and guidance of the residents in the outpatient clinic.

Patients' applications for mental examination and treatment are made on the hospital's website. For patients who cannot make an appointment here and come directly to the outpatient clinic, an appointment can also be made from the secretariat.

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Inpatient Treatment Unit (ITU):

Patients are taken to the Inpatient Treatment Unit as a result of their referral from the outpatient clinic or emergency service. In this 22-bed unit, drug therapy, individual and group psychotherapy, and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) are applied. In the ITU, patients receive treatment for an average of 15-30 days. Patients whose treatment is completed are evaluated by their doctor in the ITU one week after discharge, and then they are directed to the outpatient clinic to be followed up in the unit of the concerning faculty member.

Residents spend the first year of their specialization training in the ITU. During this period, they complete their neurology and child and adolescent psychiatry rotations and then go to work in the outpatient clinic.

Educational Studies:

The education services of the Department of Psychiatryinclude the students of the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th grades of the Faculty of Medicine and the students of the Master's, Doctorate and Specialization programs conducted by the faculty members of the department. First-graders learn basic psychology knowledge, thirdgraders are informed about the classification, epidemiology, etiology and clinic of mental illnesses, fifthgraders are taught treatment topics, and sixthgraders are directly involved in patient interviews and treatments.

Information on the training of research assistants is given in the Researcher's Directive.

Researchers :

Scientific studies are carried out in the form of theses of research assistants in general, as well as individual researchers. Multicenter work is also carried out, which is carried out in cooperation with other departments or other centers.

Departmental Contact Information and Phone Numbers:

Prof. Mustafa YILDIZ, M.D. (Head of Psychiatry Department 0262 303 75 05

Prof. Aslıhan POLAT, M.D. (Faculty Member) 0262 303 75 06

Prof. Cem CERİT, M.D. (Faculty Member) 0262 303 75 07

Assoc. Prof. Elif TATLIDİL YAYLACI, M.D. (Faculty Member) 0262 303 75 01

Asst. Prof. Bahadır GENİŞ, M.D. (Faculty Member) 0262 303 82 11

Outpatient Clinic Secretariat: 0262 303 82 19

Outpatient Unit (outpatient clinic) Doctor's Rooms:

  1. Outpatient Clinic No. 1: 0262 303 81 40
  2. Outpatient Clinic No. 2: 0262 303 81 41
  3. Outpatient Clinic No. 3: 0262 303 71 65
  4. Outpatient Clinic No. 4: 0262 303 81 41
  5. Outpatient Clinic No. 5: 0262 303 80 69
  6. Yahyakaptan Outpatient Clinic No. 1: 0262 303 69 08
  7. Yahyakaptan Outpatient Clinic No. 2: 0262 303 69 02

Board of Health Outpatient Clinic: 0262 303 86 24

Inpatient Unit Secretariat: 0262 303 89 81

Inpatient Unit Doctor's Room: 0262 303 89 83

Inpatient Unit Nurse’s Room: 0262 303 72 33

Outpatient Unit: It is located on the ground floor of the outpatient clinic building of the hospital.

Outpatient Unit (Yahyakaptan); It is located across YahyakaptanArasta Park AVM (Yahyakaptan, Akasyalar Cad. No. 15, İzmit).

Inpatient Treatment Unit: It is located on the 5th floor of Block A in the main building of the hospital.

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Academic Staff:

Professor.Dr. Mustafa YILDIZ  (Head of the Department)

Professor.Dr. Aslıhan POLAT

Professor.Dr. Cem CERİT

Associate Professor. Dr. Elif TATLIDİL YAYLACI

Asst.Professor.Dr. Bahadır GENİŞ

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