Medical Pathology

In our Department of Medical Pathology, an average of 19500 biopsies and 7500 cytology materials are examined annually. Materials sent from outside of our Faculty for examination and consultation are also evaluated.

Frozen sections can be taken for intraoperative consultation.

In addition to the histopathological examinations of the cases, histochemical, immunocytochemical and immunohistochemical examinations can be performed when necessary.

Since 2017, molecular tests have been started for solid tumors with FISH management.

As the fine-needle aspiration cytology materials performed in other departments are examined, bedside evaluation is performed in transthoracic fine-needle aspiration biopsies performed on lung masses in the Radiology Department.

Cases of gynecological cytology (cervicovaginal smear), bronchial lavage and effusion fluid are prepared and examined using the liquid-based thin-layer technology method.

A cytospin device is also used for the cytopathological examination of body fluids. Sputum, urine, CSF, abdominal washing liquid… examinations are also performed.

The reports are archived in computer database and paraffin blocks and all slides belonging to biopsies and cytology are kept in the archive.

In addition to the 2nd and 3rd years of the Faculty of Medicine, Medical Pathology lectures are given to the students of the Dentistry, Health School Nursing, Health Officer, Midwifery Departments and Medical Laboratory Department at the Health Services School.

The meetings of the Thoracic Malignancies, Gynecological Oncology and General Surgery Oncology Councils are also attended.


Academic Staff:

Professor.Dr. Sevgiye KAÇAR ÖZKARA (Head of the Department)

Associate Professor. Dr. Çiğdem VURAL

Associate Professor. Dr. Büşra YAPRAK BAYRAK

Asst.Professor.Dr. Gupse TURAN

Asst.Professor.Dr. Ahmet Tuğrul ERUYAR

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