Our Department of Neurology continues its academic studies and services with a total academic staff of 7 people, including 4 professors, 1 associate professor and 2 doctor faculty members.


It is our mission to maintain our leading corporate identity in our country and region in all areas contained in the science of neurology, and our vision is to further our understanding of world-class education and service.


Within the scope of the pre-graduation training program with our Medical Faculty period 5 students, an education is provided that includes 3 weeks of theoretical and practical courses. Periods 1, 2 and 3. both a routine course program and PDO trainings are conducted with its students. Our faculty members are actively involved in social projects such as TODUP etc.

Within the scope of the post-graduation training program of the Faculty of Medicine, 5-year assistant training with theoretical and practical content is provided, which includes all branches of neurology science and the necessary rotation trainings.

Clinical and Outpatient Services:

Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine Education and Research Hospital Neurology Clinic provides inpatient service including 18 beds and 4 beds in the Stroke Unit. The declinical consultation service is also actively being carried out.

Outpatient medical services are provided, including neurology general polyclinic and branch polyclinics. Side branch outpatient clinics; Multiple sclerosis, Stroke, Epilepsy, Headache, Parkinson's and Movement Disorders, Cognitive Disorders and Dementia patients are served. At the same time, it is provided to our outpatient and inpatient patients in the Health Council service.

Sayfa Başı

Laboratory Services:

In electrophysiology laboratories; ENMG (electroneuromyography), EEG (Electroencephalography), Video monitoring EEG, evoked potentials (VEP, SEP, BAEP) services are provided.

In the interventional procedures department, other interventional examination and treatment services such as daily therapy practices, botulinum toxin treatment practices are provided.

Sayfa Başı

Academic Staff:

Professor.Dr. Hüsnü EFENDİ  (Head of the Department)

Professor.Dr. Faik BUDAK

Professor.Dr. H. Macit SELEKLER

Professor.Dr. Ayşe KUTLU

Associate Professor. Dr. Aybala Neslihan ALAGÖZ

Asst.Professor.Dr.Serap MÜLAYİM

Asst.Professor.Dr.Sena Destan BÜNÜL


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