Medical Education

Medical Education Departments aim to provide the necessary training, research, coordination and consultancy services so that all stages of medical education, including undergraduate, postgraduate and Continuing Medical Education, can be carried out within the framework of universal truths and contemporary principles.

The Department of Medical Education is located on the first floor of the Faculty of Medicine Education Block. Medical practices and simulation laboratory in the polyclinic building are used for practices. In this center, there are clinical skills classroom, virtual anatomy classroom, simulated polyclinics, pediatrics and birth simulation training room, emergency service and ambulance simulation training room, virtual reality basic life support training room. PBL and TODUP applications are carried out in the classrooms located in the education blocks.

Study Subjects:

The Department works together with the Dean's Office, undergraduate Education Commission, PostGraduation Education Commission, Continuous Development Coordinator, Assessment and Evaluation Board, and Problem-Based Learning Board.

  1. To provide consultancy to the education-related boards and commissions of the Faculty of Medicine,
  2. Training of trainers, courses, seminars, etc. for the development of medical educators.
  3. Taking a role in the development of all training programs, monitoring the process and making new plans by evaluating the result,
  4. Preparing clinical skills learning guides,
  5. To carry out clinical skills training of medical faculty students in the Clinical Skills Laboratory,
  6. To ensure the planning, organization and operation of the medical practices and simulation laboratory,
  7. Organizing problem-based learning sessions,
  8. To provide consultancy on the assessment and evaluation of the final exam of the term I, II and III,
  9. To ensure the preparation and operation of objective clinical exams structured in clinical periods,
  10. Contributing to the literature by conducting researchs in this field

Academic Staff:

Professor.Dr. Zafer UTKAN  (Head of the Department)

Asst.Professor.Dr. Pınar DAYLAN KOÇKAYA

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