Pediatric Surgery

Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatric Surgery was established in 1996 by Dr. Hülya Gündoğdu. Since its establishment, the Department has been providing services to pediatric surgery patients in a wide area in the East Marmara region. In this process, it continues its activities in both health and academic fields by following the innovations of modern medicine and aiming at a better and higher quality medicine policy. From the newborn (0-30 days) period to the adolescence (0-18 years) in the health field, it serves the patient group who need surgical treatment. Current surgical neonatal intensive care unit, endoscopy unit, urodynamics and ano-rectalmanometry with laboratory support, congenital anomalies (gastrointestinal system atresia, megacolon, anorectal malformation gastroschisis-omphalocele), pediatric urological surgical diseases (undescended testis, hypospadias-prophet circumcision, vesicouretheal reflux, hydronephrosis), diaphragmatic hernia, biliary atresia, choledochal cyst, childhood tumors and another surgical disease are successfully treated by surgery. 11 Pediatric Surgeons, who have been trained in the Department of Pediatric Surgery from 1996 to the present day, have specialized in the KOU Faculty of Medicine Pediatric Surgery mission.


Specialists graduated from Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatric Surgery;

Dr. Mevlit Korkmaz
Dr. Ayşe Tuzlacı
Dr. Hayrünisa Kahraman Esen
Dr. Ufuk Şenel
Dr. Arzu Özyer Bektaş
Dr. Bülent Azman
Dr. Burak Erkuş
Dr. Mustafa Alper Akay
Dr. Kıvılcım Karaoğlu Akşit
Dr. Mücahit Tan
Dr. Merve Nur Muti Acar

Instructors who have given education in Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatric Surgery in previous years;

Doç. Dr. Hülya Gündoğdu
Prof. Dr. Bekir Haluk Güvenç
Prof. Dr. Selami Sözübir
Prof. Dr. Melih Tugay
Prof. Dr. Ercüment Levent Elemen
Prof. Dr. Gülşen Ekingen Yıldız

Theoretical Structure and Academic Purpose of the Department:

The Department of Pediatric Surgery carries out the scientific education program as required by modern medicine in line with the decisions taken by the Turkish Pediatric Surgery Association (TCCD) advisory board. TCCD determines its targets and programs according to the European Board of Pediatric Surgery. The aim of the Department of Pediatric Surgery is to graduate its students equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge about pediatric surgery, and their assistants who have learned the theoretical knowledge about modern pediatric surgery and can successfully perform surgeries related to the field.

Type of Instruction:

The Department of Pediatric Surgery provides pre-graduate training to the students of the Term-IV Faculty of Medicine for 15 days and for one month (intern physician) in the Term-VI. It provides Pediatric Surgery Specialization training in accordance with the legislation on specialization in medicine.

Explanations Regarding the Unique Features of the Department:

In our clinic, which is the diagnosis and follow-up center of childhood surgical and urological diseases, neonatal surgery, thoracic surgery, oncological surgery, digestive system surgery, pediatric endocrine surgery, pediatric gynecology, sexual development disorders, hypospadias and other pathologies of pediatric urology, diagnostic and interventional endoscopic applications, Many surgeries such as laparoscopic surgical interventions and trauma surgery are successfully performed.


Academic Staff:

Associate Professor. Dr. Mustafa Alper AKAY  (Head of the Department)

Asst.Professor.Dr. Onursal VARLIKLI

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