Kocaeli University Medical School Radiology Department was founded by Prof Dr Ali Demirci in 1995. As of October 2, 2015, the position of Head of the Department has been carried out by Prof Dr Ercüment Çiftçi. Our academic staff consists of 4 professors, 3 associate professors and 4 assistant professors.

Our department, which has been serving in the new hospital building on the Umuttepe campus since 2005, is located on the ground and basement floors of our hospital.

With our device park that we have created by following the latest technological developments, we are trying to respond to the increasing demand for imaging without sacrificing diagnostic quality and to contribute to the radiology literature with the clinical researches we carry out.

We have 16, 64 and 640 slice MDCT scanners that we display large body areas with thin sections in a very short time and create 3-dimensional images, virtual CT colonoscopy/bronchoscopy, cardiac CT angiography and CT perfusion images.

Advanced MR techniques that are developed in neuroradiology, head-neck, musculoskeletal and abdominal radiology and cardiac imaging fields are applied in daily practice with our two 1.5 Tesla and one 3 Tesla magnetic field MR devices.

All vascular and nonvascular interventional radiological procedures are performed with two angiography devices, one monoplane and one biplane, and five Doppler ultrasonography devices in IR unit.

There are one digital mammography with tomosynthesis feature, one ultrasound device and stereotaxy unit in breast imaging unit. Mammograms, ultrasound and MR images are evaluated together. Biopsies, wire marking procedures and stereotactic interventions are performed under the guidance of mammography and ultrasound.

In our department, there is one fully digitalized double-detector x-ray device and four analog x-ray devices digitalized with detectors; in addition, we have five more detectors and digitalized analog portable x-ray devices for use in clinics and intensive care units.

We have two C-arm fluoroscopy devices in the operating rooms, two C-arm fluoroscopy devices in the gastroenterology department, one digital fluoroscopy X-ray device in our department, and one scoliosis device synchronized with a detector and we’re using four Doppler-enabled ultrasound devices in the ultrasonography department.

Images obtained in angiography, mammography, x-ray, CT and MR units archived in advanced PACS and reported by faculty members accompanied by residents via workstations. Images and reports can be viewed by our hospital doctors through this system and optionally given to our patients on CD.

There are 4 nurses, 42 radiology technicians, 15 secretaries and 7 assistant personnel working in our department.

Sayfa Başı

Undergraduate Radiology Education

Theoretical and practical radiology lectures are given to medical school grade I, II, III students in clinical rotations and to Grade IV students in the 2-week radiology internship.

Residency Education

To become a resident in our department, it is necessary to pass the examination for residency in medicine. During 5 year of training our residents have rotations in Ultrasonography, Neuroradiology, Head and Neck Radiology, Thoracic Radiology, Abdomen Radiology, Breast Radiology, Interventional Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Department (2 months) as recommended by the European Society of Radiology and the Turkish Society of Radiology education curricula. Residents accompany the faculty of the subdivision they rotate on in their daily reporting work, participate in research projects and attend weekly seminars, journal clubs and case presentation hours.


  • Furkan Çalışkan
  • Dr. Mehmetcan KARA
  • Dr. Utku GEMİCİ
  • Dr. Sait ATIŞ
  • Dr. Mehmet DOĞMUŞ
  • Dr. Mohammed TAYYEM
  • Dr. Mehmet Akif CANKORUR
  • Dr. Yağmur UYSAL
  • Dr. Harun Reşit ARMAĞAN
  • Dr. Najiba AHMADOVA
  • Dr. Almotasem SHATAT


  • Uz. Dr. Ajda Çetin 1999
  • Doç. Dr. Naim Ceylan 1999
  • Uz. Dr. Hakan Selçuk 2000
  • Uz. Dr. Kudret Metin 2001
  • Uz. Dr. Mualla Şeyhoğulları 2002
  • Uz. Dr. Mikail İnal 2002
  • Prof. Dr. Yonca Anık 2002
  • Uz. Dr. Muharrem Ünlü 2003
  • Uz. Dr. Sine Ayşe Ediger 2004
  • Uz. Dr. Adnan Aras 2005
  • Prof. Dr. Nagihan İnan 2005
  • Uz. Dr. Nadide Başak Gülleroğlu 2006
  • Uz. Dr. Neşenur Varan 2006
  • Uz. Dr. Murat Akkoyunlu 2007
  • Uz. Dr. Metin Bora Vardar 2007
  • Uz. Dr. Meltem Ulusoy Özata 2008
  • Uz. Dr. Furkan Kılınç 2008
  • Uz. Dr. Figen Büyükdemirci 2009
  • Uz. Dr. Safiye Senem Derelibulut 2009
  • Uz. Dr. Nilay Akhun 2011
  • Uz. Dr. Demet Doğan 2012
  • Uz. Dr. Cihan Düzgöl 2012
  • Dr. Öğr. Üy. Mesude Tosun 2012
  • Uz. Dr. Mehmet Gençtürk 2013
  • Doç. Dr. Özgür Cakır 2013
  • Uz. Dr. Ahmet Kaya 2013
  • Uz. Dr. Hande Uslu 2013
  • Uz. Dr. Ahmet Akça 2013
  • Uz. Dr. Zakir Sakçı 2013
  • Uz. Dr. Muhammet Dönmez 2013
  • Uz. Dr. Bahattin Özkul 2014
  • Uz. Dr. Rukiye Efe İşçi 2014
  • Uz. Dr. Neriman ZENGİN 2014
  • Uz. Dr. Burcu Zeren 2015
  • Doç. Dr. İsa Çam 2016
  • Uz. Dr. Halil İbrahim Ada 2016
  • Uz. Dr. Ahmet Yalnız 2017
  • Uz. Dr. Tuğçe Ağırlar Trabzonlu 2017
  • Uz. Dr. Serdar Çağlayangil 2017
  • Uz. Dr. İsmail Meşe 2018
  • Uz. Dr. Onural Öztürk 2019
  • Uz. Dr. Törehan ÖZER 2019
  • Uz. Dr. Elif Salman Yalnız 2020
  • Uz. Dr. Abdullah YILDIZ 2020
  • Uz. Dr. Ceylan ALTINTAŞ TAŞLIÇAY 2020
  • Uz. Dr. Elmire DERVİŞOĞLU 2020
  • Uz. Dr. Maila ASADULLAYEVA 2020

Sayfa Başı


Academic Staff:

Professor.Dr. Ercüment ÇİFTÇİ  (Head of the Department)

Professor.Dr. Arzu Serpil ARSLAN

Professor.Dr. Gür AKANSEL

Professor.Dr. Yonca ANIK

Associate Professor. Dr. Sevtap DOĞAN

Associate Professor. Dr. Özgür ÇAKIR

Associate Professor. Dr. İsa ÇAM

Asst.Professor.Dr. Burcu ALPARSLAN

Asst.Professor.Dr. Mesude TOSUN

Asst.Professor.Dr. Ahmet YALNIZ

Asst.Professor.Dr. Onural ÖZTÜRK

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