Orthopedics and Traumatology

In our clinic, all kinds of musculoskeletal diseases of patients coming from Kocaeli and surrounding provinces even from all over the Turkey are diagnosed in the light of current scientific developments and their treatment is organized with up-to-date methods and modern devices. The medical education of faculty students and orthopaedic residents are also carried out in the light of modern medicine by the same principles. In addition to education and training studies scientific researches on orthopedics and traumatology are carried out and the results are presented to national and international scientific meetings and journals.

Diseases diagnosed and treated in our department;

Treatment of all kinds of accidental fractures and dislocations with surgical and non-surgical methods, congenital and acquired childhood diseases (developmental hip dysplasia, talipes equinovarus, polio etc.), malign and benign bone and soft tissue tumors, joint replacement surgeries (arthroplasty) in degenerative joints, all kinds of hand injuries (microsurgery) and disabilities, diagnosis and treatment of sport injuries (arthroscopic or open surgery), spinal degenerative problems and spinal deformities.


Academic Staff:

Professor.Dr.Kaya MEMİŞOĞLU  (Head of the Department)

Professor.Dr.Cumhur Cevdet KESEMENLİ

Professor.Dr.Muharrem İNAN

Professor.Dr.Murat ÜZEL

Associate Professor. Dr.Özgür SELEK

Asst.Professor.Dr.Emre KARADENİZ

Asst.Professor.Dr.Serdar DEMİRÖZ

Sayfa Başı


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