Radiation Oncology

In November 2000, the department founded by Binnaz Sarper, while consultation and patient follow-up were continuing, started treating patients in 2007 with the establishment of treatment devices.

A Radiation Oncologist, a Radiation Physicist, a Radiotherapy Technician, a Nurse, and a Secretary work in the Radiation Oncology department. The treatment unit is located in the basement floor. Outpatient clinic service is provided every day during working hours in the Semahat Aracı palliative care and oncology building.

In our clinic, there is one 1 linear accelerator device with 6MV and 18 MV energies and 6 different electron energies. Superficial and deep-seated tumors can be treated. Gynecologic and lung tumors can be treated with a high-dose rate brachytherapy device. Linear accelerator and brachytherapy units have modern technology. Targeted treatments are carried out under the guidance of images in appropriate cases in order to ensure that radiation-related side effects are kept minimum. In pediatric patients and brachytherapy patients, patients are sedated and treated in coordination with the department of anesthesia.

There is a computed tomography –simulator in the department. 3D conformal radiotherapy, intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) are performed with a treatment planning system (Eclipse) and 1 linear accelerator (Triology).

The Procedures Applied in Our Department:

  • Patient evaluation and patient follow-up,
  • Treatment simulation (Simulation is the process of determining the areas where radiation will be applied by ensuring the conditions in the treatment devices.)
  • External radiotherapy
  • Brachytherapy

Radiation physicists;

Gülşah ÖZKAN

To Make An Appointment:

Patients who apply should make an appointment online or from the oncology outpatient clinic secretary. Patients are examined and evaluated by examining laboratory tests, radiology, surgery and pathology reports. If necessary, patients are discussed at multidisciplinary meetings on certain days regularly with different departments. Simulation and treatment appointments are determined by the doctor after evaluation.

Polyclinic secretariat: 303-7884

Treatment Unit secretariat: 303-8498/303-8099


Academic Staff:

Professor.Dr. Maksut Görkem AKSU  (Head of the Department)

Professor.Dr. Binnaz SARPER

Asst.Professor.Dr. Ayşegül ÜÇÜNCÜ KEFELİ

Uzm.Dr. Deniz ÇELİK

Uzm.Dr. Özlem AY

Sayfa Başı


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