Family Medicine

Family medicine is a specialty which provides preservative and treating primary care to individuals and families without any distinction of disease and gender. Family doctors always approach to individuals as a whole and concern with the physical, mental and social aspects of the person. The connection between the family doctor and the patient continues in illness and in health so you don’t need to be sick to apply to the family doctor. In other words, family doctor also regulates disease preventive treatments before individuals become ill. Moreover, Coordinating the health services to be provided by other branches and when necessary it is also the duty of the family physician to refer the patient to another branch doctor.

Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine provides outpatient services in Polyclinic building of our Hospital, in the Medicosocial Facilities located on the campus, and in the Irem District Polyclinic in the Yahyakaptan campus.

Family medicine specialty training aims to provide appropriate resources for trainees to build features such as educative, investigative and executive besides clinical knowledge, behaviour and manner within the course of fundamental principles of which takes part in definition of family medicine. Family Medicine specialty training takes 36 months and 18-month period of this consists of rotations determined by the Specialty Board in Medicine (Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Chest Diseases, Internal Medicine, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Cardiology, Psychiatry, Optional Rotation). We conduct training courses 2 days in a week, Wednesday and Thursday, as a part of specialty training. As per to Wednesday courses, we provide distance learning by healthcare professionals experts in their own fields and by academic staff in universities. On Thursday, we make our classes face-to-face with our family doctors, with presentations from articles from Turkey Clinics and American Academy of Physicians (AAFP) journals.

Core Training and Qualification Program for Family Medicine Specialization Education determined by the Medical Specialization Board:

Rotations and durations determined by the Medical Specialization Board for Family Medicine Specialization Education:


Sayfa Başı


Academic Staff:

Professor.Dr. T. Müge ALVUR (Head of the Department)

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