Anatomy is the oldest known medical science. Human anatomy is a scientific discipline that examines the normal shape and structure of the human body and forms the basis of other branches of medical science. While the anatomy is used only in the sense of cadaveric anatomy and teaching is based solely on cadavers; depending on the technological developments of the day, clinical anatomy, surgical anatomy, radiological anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics and superficial anatomical branches provide integrity with the living human body.

Human anatomy examines the many structures that make up the body and their relations with each other. Anatomy studies include many subspecialties, from gross anatomy and dissection to microscopic and ultrastructural anatomy. In our department, topographical anatomy is used which dissolves the human body in separate sections and is more suitable for medicine. From this point of view, computer supported theoretical courses are given besides cadaver and model studies. Theoretical and practical lectures are given to ; Faculty of Medicine Term I and Term II , General Anatomy and Head and Neck Anatomy in Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Medical Sciences Nursing and Midwifery Departments , Faculty of Engineering Biomedical Engineering Department, Institute of Science and Technology Anatomy courses in Master and Doctorate, Anatomy courses in Graduate School of Health Sciences and Ph.D. ,Köseköy Vocational school of Biomedical Technologies, Yahyakaptan Occupational Therapy Vocational School by our Department. Our Department, which is studying kinesiology in the present, contributes to anatomical researches as well as international studies. As of 2018 , 2 Professors, 1 Assistant professor, 3 Researcher assistants from Teaching Staff Training Program, 3 Researcher assistants from examination for specialty in medicine, 1 Researcher assistant on 50d are working as academic staff in our department. In addition, 16 PhD students and 3 Master's students are studying in our Department.

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Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine Anatomy Department was founded in 1995 by Prof.Dr.Aydın ÖZBEK and continues its education and research activities under the presidency of Prof.Dr.Tuncay ÇOLAK.

Our mission:

To educate scientists with sufficient equipment and features that are required by today's scientific conditions about all anatomy issues, to act in accordance with the mission of the Faculty of Medicine,to educate competent physicians that have skill of offering community-focused health care, self-evolving and have universal values; conduct research contribute to universal knowledge on both the anatomy and the closely related other branches of science, to bring a dynamic perspective to anatomy that perceived as a static science;to educate scientists expert at Anatomy issues, to become a reference center about Anatomy and Kinesiology,to present current, universal, safe and detailed information for our stakeholders who needs Anatomy knowledge.

Our vision:

  • To educate people who have general Anatomy knowledge with respect to academical ethical values,
  • To become a reference center not only in our country but also in the world , on one of the lower branches related to the anatomy for example Kinesiology , in the near future,
  • To have scientific and technological infrastructure and to train students in this direction and earn respect in both in country and in the world.

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Current Education and Research Opportunities:

In our anatomy laboratory, there are 4 fixated, 1 plastine cadavers ,1 fixated torso , many organs, bones and models. There is an electronic device measuring the concentration of formaldehyde in air at ppm level. This device is used in a research Project.There is a cage to isolate experimental animals from the ambient air and head trauma formation device.A research project has been conducted with this device and it continues to be done. Three dimensional Anatomy education with Vived Anatomy software is presented in a saloon with 40 persons capacity in Good Physician Practices and Simulation Center in Kocaeli University.

Research Topics and Projects:

  • Nerve transmission rate studies
  • The effects of head trauma
  • Studies of sports anatomy
  • Kinesiology and Biomechanical Studies
  • Formaldehyde side effects
  • Experimental animal studies
  • Anthropometric studies
  • Studies on Anatomy education and teaching


Academic Staff:

Professor.Dr. Tuncay ÇOLAK  (Head of the Department)

Professor.Dr. Belgin BAMAÇ

Asst.Prof. Ayla TEKİN ORHA

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